Gulustan fortress
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The Gulustan fortress – was built in the XII century. The Gulustan fortress which is of republican significance has been built at the foot of Murovdag, 2 kilometres in the North, at a height of 1700 metres from the sea level, on precipitous cliffs. The fortress is in the area of Goranboy region. Though it has not reached our times completely, some towers have been saved. The fortress built form local stones has been a firm defence building. The Gulustan fortress which is of defensive character, consists of 3 partitions. The fortress reminds a ship for its shape, and this is connected with the relief of the area. There are 4 guard stations, 12 ventlights (observation peep-hole) along the walls of the fortress. Reservoirs have been made for collecting snow and rain water in the slopes inside of the fortress. A blind way with the height of 200 metres from the fortress till Incachay has been built. The exictence of permanent water supply and water pipeline was of great importance during the defence of any fortress. Probably, this blind way has been built for decsending the river via an underground tunnel and take water from there when the pipeline supplying the fortress with water broke down. The inside fortifications of the type of a fortress have been used very much in medieval cities. They were sometimes called “Narin gala”. The building of such a fortification has existed inside of the fortress. It is written in the historical sources that Gizilbashs who defeated at the end of 1500th year at the battle near the Gulustan fortress Shirvanshah Farrukh Yasar’s, and in 1501st year in the plain Sharur near Nakhchivan Aggoyunlu Alvand Mirza’s troops, entered Tabriz without hindrance and declared Ismayil as a shah. Thus, the state of Safavids was founded. The Gulustan peace agreement was signed between Russia and Iran in the fortress of Gulustan in 1813. The Armenians who were purposefully moved from Iran and other territories to Azerbaijan after 1828th year and placed in this area, continued their dirty deeds against our people and our lands settling in this fortress with their intercessors. After 179 years our patriotic fighters who raised to fight for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, stuck our sacred tricolor flag on the fortress releasing these lands from enemies.

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