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    Istisu, Lankaran, AZ4216

Isti su – is famous still from ancient times. Their therapeutic use was identified in the XIV century. The tourist base and Istisu therapeutic health sanatorium is situated near Lankaran-Lerik highway, at 12 km to the West from the region centre, at the foot of Talish mountains. The composition and therapeutic use of hot wood water do not fall behind the world-known “Matsestra” resort of Sochi. “Khavzava” hot mineral water suyu is situated near Lankaran-Boradigah-Masalli railroad, at 13 km to the West from the region centre, at the foot of Talish mountains. The water of this spring was used for the treatment of skin diseases still in the XVIII - XIX centuries. A therapeutic health complex is functioning here in the modern time. The hot sulphurous water of the spring which contains hydrogen sulphate is useful for the treatment of skin diseases. “Isti Ibadi” spring is situated on Lankaran-Lerik highway, 15 km to the West from the region centre. The temperature of water reaches +42 degrees here. The hot mineral water which contains hydrogen sulphate and which is widely used as a natural treatment method is extracted from underground in a spontaneous manner naturally, this is used as pools, baths, shower. These thermal water sources are balneotherapeutic water of “B” category, and extracted with nitrogen. It has the smell of hydrogen sulphite. The minerality is 3,8 - 4,0 g/L. It contains chlorine, sulphate anions, sodium, potassium, calcium, cations, macrocomponents, and has weak alkalinity (7,8 - 8,3). This water contains much sulphur. Heart and cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system and joint and movement organs, as well as skin diseases are treated with such hot sulphurous water successfully.



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