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Mausoleum "Kirna"
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    Kirna, Julfa, AZ7223

The architectural monument in Kirna of Julfa region. The monument shows that the Nakhchivan architectural schooling established very magnificient of the architectural composition styles buildings with a central dome type. The general view of the monument gives an opportunity to express concrete views of its being a tomb or a mosque. The building squareshape in plan, was double covered, which was characteristic for the tombs, was covered a joined span inside but outside with a pyramidshape dome. Thus, the Kirna monument may be included to the Azerbaijan tombs, called dome-tower shape, according to its general composition. The Kirna monument looks like the monument in the Khanagah of the Alinjachay for its some peculiarities. This fact is vividly seen in the structure of the inside dome of the tomb and especially in the similarity of the outer tentshape dome. The outer cover of the both monuments was completed with the pyramid form of 16 faces.

The stalaktit arrangement in the Western facade proves that it is the only part of the complex construction remained till our time.

As there is no inscription, to determine its date of construction becomes difficult. But considering the stated facts above it is possible to relate the date of the construction of the monument to the XIII century.

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