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Huseyn Javid mausoleum
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    İstiglal, Nakhchivan, AZ7000

The huge architectural-memorial complex erected on the grave of Husein Javid, the great Azerbaijan poet and playwright in Nakhchivan. The monument was built by personal initiative and protection of Heydar Aliyev, President of the Azerbaijan Republic. The mausoleum in which the style of the Ajami Nakhchivani architecture is vividly seen, consists of the upper and lower-vault parts. The graves of Artoghrul, the son of Husein Javid, (both graves were removed here in 1966, when the mausoleum was under construction) and the grave of Turan khanim, the daughter of Husein Javid, are in the vault. The bust of Husein Javid was erected here. The author of the monument is Rasim Aliyev, the Honoured Architect of the Azerbaijan Republic but the sculptor of the monument is Omar Eldarov, the People’s Artist. The monument was built by the “Star” construction company of the Turkish Republic. The inauguration of the monument was on October 29, 1996, on the occasion of the 114th anniversary of Husein Javid.

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