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Highland park
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    Saraykina, Baku, Sabail, AZ1009
Highland ParkHighland Park, located in the heart of Baku and one of the favorite leisure places of the local residents, is regarded as one of the most beautiful parks of the capital city for a long time. Another commonly known name of the park among people is Viewing Square. In Soviet era, this park was named after Sergei Kirov. The one particular reason that makes the Highland Park unique is that it has a panorama looking over the city, Baku bay, Seaside National Park stretching along the bay. That explains the reason the park was called “Highland”. Back in 30s of XX century when the general layout of Baku was in progress, this very fact was assumed as a basis and it was taken into account that the Highland Park built in this area would play an important role in general architectural composition. The park was built in the place of the old graveyard based on the design of architect Ilyin using the rich variety of limestone of the quarries of Baku. By the way, another old name of the park – the English park - is related to this graveyard. It is said that in 1920s, English soldiers who came to Baku after the Russian Emperor dethroned were buried here along with the victims of March events of 1918.Azerbaijan Independence Museum, Martyrs’ Lane where lie the victims of Black January of 1990 and those who were killed in Nagorno Karabakh war are located in the Highland Park.
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