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House-museum of Azim Azimzadeh
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A.Azimzade House Museum was opened in 1968 and is the first house-museum opened in Baku. The museum is located at D.Alieva 157 street. There are saved 2000 exhibits In the museum of the artist. The exposition of the museum house A.Azimzade consists of 6 rooms. There are 4 types of showcased the artist"s works: 1. Cartoons 2. Portraits 3. Decorations 4. Landscapes. The Museum of Arts named after Mustafayev stored 232 works 3 albums A.Azimzade. And the Museum of the State Theatre named after Jabbarli stores 499 exhibits of the artist. The museum is decorated with paintings such as "Portrait of Fuzuli", "Portrait of Jalal Rumin", "Day of Refugees", "Mulberry", "Execution of Nasimi", "Votan", "Kurban Bayram" and others.

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