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House-museum of Bulbul
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    Bulbul, 16, Shusha, AZ5800

Bulbul’s house museum in Shusha existed until 1992; it used to be a branch of Baku memorial museum. The house consisted of two rooms and a veranda. In this house Bulbul’s was born, spent his childhood years here; he made first steps in the world of music, listened to famous singers and musicians. Bulbul’s childhood pictures were kept here. Some of his private things, including tambourine were demonstrated in the museum. Bills of concert (1925-1926) had been hung on the walls of Bulbul’s house. The exposition reflects Bulbul’s activities in Ganja, Azerbaijan in twentieth; his active participation in the years of Cultural Revolution in Azerbaijan. There are pictures on the wall that speak about Bulbul’s activities in Komsomol and Labor Union, activities in Baku, activities in State Conservatory of Azerbaijan and his diploma from Italy, materials and Italian magazine "Arte Nostra" with big portrait if him and an article about him; pictures with friends and family. Besides photos, there are Bulbul’s handwritings, his published article and lectures. Exposition of Bulbul’s pictures with his family, friends, and colleagues is in the second room. Materials affirming Bulbul’s perennial efficient creative work in the creation of new vocal school in Azerbaijan, in studying and propagating the folk music were demonstrated too. Bills of opera spectacles where Bulbul was participating, images that he created, photographs from different premiere and jubilee spectacles, lectures, collection and study books published with his participation and editing, originals and photographic copies of the official letters had been exposed here. There are rare and very valuable documents about Bulbul’s public, creative work, scientific research, and pedagogical activity. Photos of Bulbul’s meetings with laboring population, frontier-guards, and children were demonstrated in the same room. Among memorial plaques in the facade of the museum there is a bronze portrait of Bulbul’s childhood made by sculptor Khanlar Ahmadov, with writings in Azerbaijani and Russian languages: "In this house the founder of Azerbaijani Soviet professional vocal art, People’s Artist of USSR, Stalin’s prize laureate, professor Bulbul was born here and lived his childhood years".

The museum of Baku is a centre propagating the museum in Shusha and creative work of Bulbul in general; rich materials which consist of discussions, consultations, records of Bulbul’s speeches, deputy order, scientific works, parliament notes, and elector letters are demonstrated here at present. There are about nine thousand documents gathered and given to discussion of the wide community in the museum which show Bulbul’s public work, creative work, scientific investigation, pedagogical work. Unfortunately, the Bulbul’s memorial museum in Shusha is under Armenian occupation at present. All these expositions were demonstrating in details Bulbul’s life in his homeland Shusha.

Bulbul’s house is located in the centre of the "Kocharinov" region in Shusha.


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