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Azerbaijan State Museum of History of Religion
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Azerbaijan State Museum of the History of Religion – is under Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic. Museum of the History of Atheism established according to the Order No. 130 of Soviet of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR dated 1967 was renamed and turned to State Museum of the History of Religion based on the Decision No. 414 of Cabinet of Ministers dated September 17, 1990. Since June, 1993 the museum is placed temporarily in Museum Center. Scientific fund of Azerbaijan State Museum of the History of Religion is composed of materials reflecting the religious ideas of primitive men since the ancient ages, painting, sculpture and drawing examples related to Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam religions, photos, books and manuscripts, newspaper and magazines, documents and other objects. You can see cast statue of Buddha decorated with various jewels, icons on cloth among the objects of the museum related to Buddhism. Among the objects related to Judaism are copies of Talmud published at the beginning of XX century, different religious objects that are used for design of the interior of synagogues. There are copies of “Bible”, icons carved on metal and linen, examples of clothes characteristic for church servants, paintings of artists in religious themes and other interesting materials related to Christianity. In the section related to Islam of the museum, different copies of manuscripts and interpretations of “Koran” compiled and published in different years, painting of Azerbaijani artists in religious themes, different objects necessary for implementing religious rites, photos, newspapers, magazines and etc. are collected.
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