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House-museum of Jalil Mammadguluzadeh
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The house-museum of the famous son of the Azerbaijani people, writer, playwright, national teacher, public figure Jalil Mamedkuluzade was created in 1978 by the decision of the government in an apartment, where he lived in 1922-1932 years. The total area of the museum is 185 square meters and consists of five rooms. In these rooms there are historical exhibits that reflect the life and work of Jalil Mamedkuluzade. Jalil Mamedkuluzade is the creator of the first satirical magazine in the East "Molla Nasreddin" and for 25 years was the editor. Since the year of the opening of the museum (1978), in the museum were collected about 4 thousand of materials reflecting the life and work of other mollanasreddinists. Every year thousands of visitors visit the museum. It organizes literary events, memorial days, debates, itinerant exhibitions devoted to Jalil Mamedkuluzade.

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