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The village is located in the central part of Vedibasar district, in Agardag Valley, 15 km south-west of the village of Boyuk Vedi, the center of Vedi district, near the village of Armash, on the edge of the Irevan-Nakhchivan highway, the Irevan-Nakhchivan-Baku railway line.

Before the Armenian-Muslim war of 1918-1920, only Azerbaijani Turks lived in the village. In 1922-1988 the village was a mixed ­village, where Azerbaijanis and Armenians lived together.

In 1918-1920, the village of Chambarak in the Vedi district was destroyed­ by the Armenian Dashnaks, and the population was expelled.

During the Soviet era, the village was repopulated and many Turkish Armenians settled there. In 1935, on the basis of Chambarak and neighboring villages of Afsharli state farm named after Spandaryan was established, and a little later it was renamed the village of Surenavan.

During the genocide of Western Azerbaijanis in 1988, a small number of Azerbaijani families living in the village were also expelled from Azerbaijan and the village was completely Armenianized.

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