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Iguazú Falls - world`s most dramatic and monumental waterfalls

The Iguazú Falls in South America are heralded as the most dramatic and among the most monumental waterfalls in the world, tumbling over the cliffs on the border with the Argentine province of Misiones and Brazilian state of Paraná.

Iguazu Falls are undoubtedly the most visited place and one of the most imposing natural attractions in Argentina and the world.

These falls in Argentina and Brazil managed to attract so much attention that almost at the same time they were declared National Parks (1934 in Argentina and 1939 in Brazil).

UNESCO declared the Iguazu Falls as World Heritage Site in 1984, and reaffirmed as Exceptional Universal Value in 2013.

Iguazu Falls have allowed the development of local economies, making the city of Puerto Iguazu and Foz de Iguazu grow and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

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